Any history written about our people in Japan must take into account the three strains of the restoration movement that have worked here. All three are inter-twined and inter-dependent, especially in the foundational years.

Second, it is apparent that due to space limitations only the broad picture can be painted. The details of every missionary's endeavors can not be traced here.

Third, the perspective of a hundred years is not the same as that of each missionary serving faithfully in his or her own locale. It is expected that on some points their viewpoints will differ from those written below. I do not see that as a problem.

I would encourage every missionary to carefully record the people, places, events and dates that will make up a history of the work each has done. These materials should be sent regularly to Bible college libraries and to the Disciples of Christ Historical Society, 1101 19th Ave South, Nashville, Tennessee 37212.

Finally, this is a story of only missionary activity. That leaves out the other half of the story of the faithful Christians, leaders, churches and ministers of Japan. To know them in a prolonged, intimate way is to be proud to have learned from them and worked with them. They have served sacrificially and loyally in a basically hostile environment. Truly, they are God's beautiful people.

Information for this history has been gathered from many sources. I am especially grateful, however, to Motoyuki Nomura, minister of the Hachimanyama Church of Christ, Tokyo. He has done and is continuing to do extensive research work on the early pioneer missionaries of our peoples. I have relied on him for details of those times and especially of the non-instrument group of which he is a part.

Very valuable, also, are the class notes on Japan prepared for his mission courses at Kentucky Christian College, Grayson, Kentucky by Prof. Thomas Gemeinhart. Though never having been to Japan, his records and information regarding direct support missionaries in Japan are more thorough and reliable than I have found elsewhere. My hearty thanks to both these men.