Good News For You is just that, good news for YOU! Good News For You is a brief five lesson online Bible study that you can do at your own pace. The lessons are best done in order from one to five, but if you have not got time to do it all at once you can finish the lesson you are on and then come back at a later time to begin at the next lesson.

Each lesson consists of true and false questions based upon Bible passages. You move through the lessons by clicking the correct response (TRUE or FALSE) to each question. The questions will advance themselves when you give the correct response. The question will remain the same if you respond incorrectly. It is recommended that you use a Bible with this lesson series although the Biblical text will be provided. The Bible translation used in this lesson series is the New International Version.

The first lesson establishes the authority of the Bible as a guide for our lives. The next lesson tells of our separated life from God. The third lesson teaches about God's love that can fix our problem. Lesson four shows what we should do to respond to God's love. Finally, the fifth lesson instructs us about God's loving family, the church.

Good News For You was inspired by Jack English and written by Chuck Poulos for the sole purpose of aiding anyone interested in becoming a Christian.