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  • The Hebrew Alphabet - is made up of 22 consonants (counting $ and & as a variation of one consonant)
  • Hebrew is written and pronounced from right to left.  Transliteration is written and pronounced from left to right.
  • The dagesh lene (•) hardens the sound of the consonant. There are six consonants that this occurs in.
  • They are referred to as the BeGaD KeFaT letters: TPKDGB
  • There are five consonants that are referred to as gutturals because they are made with sounds that come from the throat.
  • They are )hx(r
  • There are five consonants that are referred to as sibilants because they contain the "s" sound.
  • They are zsc&$
  • Please note the transliteration of each letter and the pronunciation.

aleph )   silent
bet b   v as in vine
bet with dagesh B   b as in boy
gimel g   g as in go
gimel with dagesh G   g as in go
dalet d   d as in dare
dalet with dagesh D   d as in dare
he h   h as in his
vav w   v as in vine
zayin z   z as in zeal
het x   ch as in Bach
tet +   t as in tall
yod y   y as in yes
kaf with dagesh K   k as in keep
kaf  k \ ch as in Bach
lamed l   l as in let
mem m { m as in met
nun n } n as in net
samek s   s as in set
ayin (   silent
pe p v f as in fat
pe with dagesh P   p as in pet
sade c j ts as in nets
qof q   k as in keep
resh r   r as in rule
sin &   s as in sun
shin $   sh as shine
tav t   t as in tall
tav with a dagesh T   t as in tall


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