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Good News! Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.0x and higher users no longer need to download and install fonts.  Unfortunately, at this time, Netscape users will still need to download and install particular Hebrew fonts for this web site. The fonts are shareware and in no way is the creator of Biblia Hebraica responsible for these fonts or for how your browser or computer responds to these fonts. Please be advised that this site is optimized for use with MSIE 4.xx and higher PC users.  MSIE 3.0x users should upgrade to the latest version of Internet Explorer.  Be advised that there have been difficulties with this site for Netscape Navigator 3.0x users, please upgrade to the latest version.

Note: If you see the Hebrew aleph-beth (   t $ & r q c p ( s n m l k y + x z w h d g b )  ) you are ready to go!


Netscape 4.xx and higher

1. Download and Install the Font (it is best to reboot after installation).

2. Click "View"

3. Select "Character Set" (Encoding)

4. Check "Unicode UTF-8" (preferred) or "Unicode UTF-7"

Note: It is advised that you return your encoding to "Western (ISO-8859-1)" when you have finished viewing Biblia Hebraica.


MAC Users

1. Download and install these fonts.









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