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space.gif (812 bytes)Found on this site are notes from a graduate Biblical Hebrew Level I class taught by Dr. David Wallace. The main text used in this site is Page H. Kelley's Biblical Hebrew: An Introductory Grammar.  At times reference will be made to Kelley, this is the primary work that is being noted. Purchase this book from
space.gif (812 bytes)Kelley's A Handbook to Biblical Hebrew : An Introductory Grammar has also been useful in preparing this site.  The advanced Hebrew student may also find Choon L. Seow's A Grammar for Biblical Hebrew Second Edition to be of use.  A fair warning is given that this site refers little to Seow.
space.gif (812 bytes)There are two tools no Hebrew student should be without.  One is his or her Hebrew Text.  The text used on this site is from the Biblia Hebraica Stuttgartensia.  The apparatus alone in the text is worth your review.  Also, The Brown-Driver-Briggs Hebrew and English Lexicon, also known as the BDB, is an invaluable resource.
space.gif (812 bytes)In no way are claims made that this site is a comprehensive study of Biblical Hebrew or a duplication of Kelley or Wallace's work.  It is simply the wish of the creator of this site that you benefit from these notes as you study Biblical Hebrew especially when using Kelley's grammar.  Feel free to print these lessons and use them.  It is asked that you cite Kelley and this web site appropriately if you quote from these notes.
space.gif (812 bytes)The notes are broken down into lessons. There are thirty-one lessons in all.  Each lesson is interactive, containing notes, quizzes and exercises.  To select a lesson's contents, first select a lesson number then choose Notes, Vocabulary Quiz, or Exercises and then click Go.  Please note that the addition of exercises is a work in progress and is not yet completed.




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