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  • Lamed Gutturals - verbs that have the gutturals ( ( x h ) in the lamed, that is, last position.
  • Like "a" class vowels before them and around them (note: Qal Perfect, 2fs)
  • If the stem vowel of a strong vowel form is unchangeably long ( y O U ), the corresponding form of a lamed guttural verb will retain the unchangeably long vowel as its stem vowel, but will have a patah furtive inserted between this vowel and the final guttural.
  • Regarding Suffixes: The forms are pointed like the strong verb except:
  • The stem before all  hfn suffixes is a patah
  • The Qal Perfect, 2fs has a patah instead of a sheva


(alfB he swallowed, consumed
(aqfB he split open
HabfG he was high, proud
(arfz he sowed
(arfK he knelt, bowed down
xa$fm he anointed
xalfs he forgave
(agfP he met, interceded
xatfP he opened
(arfq he tore
xacfr he killed, murdered
(abf& he was satisfied, sated
hfmfB (F) high place
rUc rock
j"q end
}ffx:lu$ table
$eme$ sun
tOd:lOT (F) generations



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